Polka Dot Pumpkin Project

October 23, 2009

pumpkin project 3

Here is a fun and easy pumpkin project to do.  You need a few different color pumpkins, squash, or gourds, and a rubber mallet and an apple corer with plunger.

pumpkin project 4

1.  Tap apple corer with rubber mallet until through the rind, remove the apple corer.  Then use the plunger and rubber mallet to remove the core from the apple corer; save the core/dots.  Remove as many or as few circles as you wish.

pumpkin project 1

2.  Trim the rough pulpy ends of dots with a knife, then place a dot of hot glue inside an empty hole to help keep dots in place; then fill the hole with a different colored dot.  Repeat until all holes are filled – then enjoy your polka dot pumpkin!

pumpkin project 2

A fun project for kids and adults!  Besides orange pumpkins, I grew a gray pumpkin, Jarrahdale, and a white pumpkin, Valenciano, to use for this project.

5 Responses to “Polka Dot Pumpkin Project”

  1. Huh, that is really cool looking…I was wondering how you did it and was very intrigued with process…great idea-you must be a designer-Target better watch out!
    GartenGrl at Planning Plants to Plant

  2. Mindijo Says:

    So cute! Although, I’d prolly get lazy and buy tacks to put in instead. Or maybe even paint circles. Something like that.

    • 33barefootlane Says:

      I did see a pumpkin project made with decorative brads, so you are right on with the lazy tack idea! 🙂

  3. Laura Niemela Says:

    This is the best Halloween thing I have ever seen!!

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