More wedding photos

November 20, 2010

Scott and Becca

Scott and Becca

Bridal Party

fun pic

Becca’s family

Our whole gang

Storm watching



Decorating the car

just married

Just Married

scott becca

Happy couple



July 16th, 2010

Flower prep the day before the wedding – sister Deb made six hand held  bouquets,  40 or so tabletop mason jar arrangements, two pulpit arrangements and the flower girls basket – all with flowers from my garden except for a few dozen roses that we ordered.  We used hundreds of peonies that had been sleeping in my fridge since May and June!

Florist designer - sister Deb

sorting peonies for the wedding

Scott and Becca’s wedding – July 17th, 201o

Storm watching before the wedding

Scott and Becca's rainbow

Funnel cloud over the church after the wedding

Becca's bridal bouqet

Handheld bouqets all in a row

mason jar arrangement

Made with love

Family pictures to follow soon!

I recently attended, and then hosted, an Upper Case Living party.  My daughter is a new consultant for the vinyl lettering products company, and I have fallen in love with the products and all the creative ways to use them.

When I spied the quote, ‘together is a wonderful place to be’, I knew I had the perfect spot for it; it also made me realize how much the walls needed a fresh coat of paint!  Don’t you love when one little project turns into three major projects?

Here is the finished ‘Family’ photo wall; his family, my family, our family – five generations on display  – together is a wonderful place to be.  I love how it turned out!

Have you been inspired to decorate with vinyl lettering?


Congratulations, Jenny, on your fine achievement!  We are so proud of you! Thirteen years of hard work and now you hold a diploma – life is full of options and adventures for you.  Go girl!

Chasing butterflies

February 27, 2010

Right now these pictures are a feast for my eyes and they whisper a promise to my ears of warm days to come.  The words I hear softly wafting by are promises of Spring and summer; sunshine and flowers, birds and butterflies, children exploring the outdoors.  Maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Dough Lovers Unite!

February 16, 2010

I have lovingly passed on to my family a tradition that began with my mother – the practice of sampling home-made bakery in its unbaked state; otherwise known as eating dough.

I’m sure that most everyone has at some time sampled cookie dough; it wouldn’t be in ice cream and Dairy Queen Blizzards if it wasn’t so popular.  What I am talking about here is the fine art of snitching not just cookie dough, but bread dough, biscuit dough, and pie crust dough.  And batter, let’s not forget about batter; cake batter, brownie batter, and quick bread batter!  Lick the spoon, scrape the bowl, lick the beaters, and yes, lick your fingers!

As a connoisseur of dough, my taste buds have learned over the years to appreciate the distinct flavors and characteristics of different dough’s; the metallic zing of buttermilk biscuits, the yeasty wheat flavor of bread dough, the sweet and delectable savor of chocolate brownie batter, the fruity zest of rhubarb quick bread batter!  I have learned that if the dough looks right, feels right, smells right, and tastes right; chances are pretty good for the final baked outcome.

I have also learned that not everyone is as generous with their dough as my mother was; one of my own offspring has earned the title in our house of Cookie Dough Police, much to my dismay.  You would think that if I paid for the ingredients, I would be allowed one tiny snitch of her cookie dough; but no, not according to her understanding of baking etiquette.  Alas, we can only try to teach them right …………

I would love to know if anyone else learned the fine, culinary art of dough tasting in their mother’s kitchen, and what kind of dough did you snitch and savor?

Note:  Eating raw dough, especially dough made with eggs, are a health risk and not advisable.  Sample at your own risk.  Never give dough to infants and children.