Fresh bouquet ~ 7-20-09

July 21, 2009

bouquet 7-20-09

I had breakfast guests coming so nipped to the garden to pick this quick bouquet of lilies, dill, and poppies.  It took less than five minutes from start to finish!  The old pitcher I found at a thrift store for just a couple of bucks.  Are your lilies and poppies blooming?

calla bouquet 2 Quick e-mail view

Pink Calla lilies spilling out of a strawberry pitcher …………… does summertime get any better than this?

Eremurus ~ Foxtail Lily

June 30, 2008

blooming foxtail lily

When the foxtail lilies are blooming, visitors want to know what they are and how to grow them. Foxtail lilies are a summer blooming bulb that are planted in the spring. They are listed as zone 5, but have survived three winters in my zone 4 garden (with last winter being a record cold winter). These are also know by the name Desert Candles.

Growing information:

Hardy zone 5- 8

Bloom time – early summer

Height – 3 to 5 feet

Full sun and well drained soil required