A fun new creation ~ Sugar Scrub Cubes

November 14, 2009

sugar cubes berry Quick e-mail view

A new bath creation we came up with is a fun, versatile sugar scrub in cubes.  This product can be used in the shower as a sugar scrub, or a pampering bath treat by dissolving sugar scrub cubes under the faucet while filling the tub.  As a tub lover myself, I’ve tested each scent in a long, relaxing soak, and emerged each time with silky soft skin and a better attitude.  Maybe we should call it Sugar Scrub Cube Therapy!

Made with baking soda, sugar, glycerin soap, and mango butter to cleanse and pamper you naturally, and scented in ambrosial scents such as Orange Sorbet, Berry Almond, and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

You can find these listed in our Etsy store here, or call us to place a phone order at 320-286-5384.

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