This $10.00 bargain vintage bed from a Thrift Store had ‘garden’ written all over it the moment I set eyes on it.  I’m glad I didn’t pass it up, both the head board and the foot board now add interest to my gardens.

I spied these four beautiful china plates at a garage sale, and knew I could find a use for them somewhere; they were just too pretty to leave behind.  Here they are in the garden, and I love the idea that I am using my china everyday, not just for company.

It couldn’t have been easier putting these in; dig a trench, then ‘plant’ the plates, and fill in the trench.

What other fun garden borders have you seen or put in?

I happened to notice my funky chicken dancing through the daffodils today, acting like a Spring Chicken.  I think it’s contagious; the first blooms of Spring make me feel like a hoppin’ and a skippin’ too!  But that might pull some muscles or something, so for now I’ll just act middle aged and let my heart do the hopping and skipping.

Polka Dot Pumpkin Project

October 23, 2009

pumpkin project 3

Here is a fun and easy pumpkin project to do.  You need a few different color pumpkins, squash, or gourds, and a rubber mallet and an apple corer with plunger.

pumpkin project 4

1.  Tap apple corer with rubber mallet until through the rind, remove the apple corer.  Then use the plunger and rubber mallet to remove the core from the apple corer; save the core/dots.  Remove as many or as few circles as you wish.

pumpkin project 1

2.  Trim the rough pulpy ends of dots with a knife, then place a dot of hot glue inside an empty hole to help keep dots in place; then fill the hole with a different colored dot.  Repeat until all holes are filled – then enjoy your polka dot pumpkin!

pumpkin project 2

A fun project for kids and adults!  Besides orange pumpkins, I grew a gray pumpkin, Jarrahdale, and a white pumpkin, Valenciano, to use for this project.

garden fence

This verdigris fence in my garden was a twin size day bed a few months ago.

As we were taking apart this extra bed I started thinking it might be really cute in my garden. My husband drilled new holes so we could put it together with the ends attached to the middle the long way instead of crossway. Then we popped off the protective tips on each post so they were hollow and we could push them into the ground.

Viola!! We created our own garden fence out of a bed we no longer needed!  You can do it yourself with a metal daybed or a crib; look for them at garage sales, the hunt is half the fun!