Homemade Window Washing Solution with Jet Dry

September 6, 2009

Fall cleaning time is here again, and here’s a nifty recipe for washing the outside of your windows, and the kids can help! We’ve used this recipe for years, and it works just slick!  First, wet down a window with the garden hose, then wash with the window cleaner solution, follow with another blast from the hose for a final rinse.


1/2 gallon warm water

1 Tablespoon liquid ‘Jet Dry’

2-3 Tablespoons laundry or dishwasher detergent (liquid dissolves easier)

Mix above ingredients. Brush or sponge onto window, then immediately hose off window; water will sheet off, no drying necessary.

6 Responses to “Homemade Window Washing Solution with Jet Dry”

  1. Rachel Bell Says:

    I use a cotton mop and “slop ” the solution on the
    windows(even with the screen on the window).
    Follow the directions, and this is the easiest way
    to clean windows. I share this with all my friends.

  2. SHEA Says:

    Hi – just prepared this recipe, and used it for some exterior windows. Loved it !! I think it works as good as the commercial product. (I put into an empty commercial exterior window cleaner container and used it in much the same way.)
    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Mindijo Says:

    Never mind. I reread it and answered my own question. Cool. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Mindijo Says:

    I will try it. Do you have to dry it afterwards? Or is it even dreamier than I am imagining. (no drying)

  5. Laura Jean Says:

    Talk about slick! I’m definitely gonna try it this fall- thanks!

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