blooming bleeding heart

A few years ago, Julie, my daughter, and Elise, my granddaughter (then 4 years old) were cutting flowers.  In the back of the house the bleeding heart was blooming, and when Elise saw it she said, “Oh, Julie, will you pick me some of those ‘heart beats’?”

The old fashioned Bleeding Heart graced gardens years ago, and is still popular today.  It will grow as large as a small shrub if given the right location, and the unique heart flowers that hang in a row delight both young and old, especially four-year-old little girls!

Growing information:

Hardy zones 3 – 8

Bloom time – late spring

Height – 28 inches tall, can grow the same wide

Prefers full shade to some shade.

Cut when one or two hearts are almost full size to use as a cut flower.  Flowers continue to grow and spread out in the vase.

Have your children or grandchildren given plants or flowers a catchy new name?  Please share it to help everyone smile!