Once Upon A Thyme………

There was a collection of natural skin care products created especially for little Princes and Princesses with delicate skin.  Once Upon A Thyme soap and lotion are paraben and fragrance free, to cleanse and moisturize safely, naturally, and happily ever after.  Essential oils in Sweet Air Room Spray pleasantly freshen air after changing the highness’s royal diaper.

Once Upon a Thyme Set includes:

4 ounce natural unscented baby lotion

3.5 ounce fragrance free Soothing Soap

2 ounce travel size Sweet Air Room Fresh spray

Cotton diaper/burp cloth with embroidered crown

Baby gift cards and keep sake gift box with attached ribbon

Let us know what you think of our brand new baby set, or find it here for purchase at our Etsy store.

Lotion in a Mason jar

November 17, 2009

mason lotion hl Quick e-mail view

If you appreciate the vintage or shabby chic look, you would enjoy having this lotion dispenser in your kitchen or bathroom.   This  square mason jar holds a full 8 ounces of our natural, nourishing, moisturizing lotion.  A great Holiday gift idea for anyone that appreciates natural beauty products.

We will have this available in Apricot Mango, Honeydew Lavender, Berry Almond and Unscented.  Check our Etsy store here to purchase.

Let us know what you think of the look of this container.

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A new bath creation we came up with is a fun, versatile sugar scrub in cubes.  This product can be used in the shower as a sugar scrub, or a pampering bath treat by dissolving sugar scrub cubes under the faucet while filling the tub.  As a tub lover myself, I’ve tested each scent in a long, relaxing soak, and emerged each time with silky soft skin and a better attitude.  Maybe we should call it Sugar Scrub Cube Therapy!

Made with baking soda, sugar, glycerin soap, and mango butter to cleanse and pamper you naturally, and scented in ambrosial scents such as Orange Sorbet, Berry Almond, and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

You can find these listed in our Etsy store here, or call us to place a phone order at 320-286-5384.

New look

October 20, 2009

ba lotion

We think our new logo makes our labels look even better!  What do you think?

33 Barefoot Lane logo

October 3, 2009

33 Barefoot Lane Logo Quick e-mail view

We are excited to have finalized the conception of our 33 Barefoot Lane logo.  We think it is simple, catchy, and classy.  And it seems to speak, “I’m a place, not just a name”, which is exactly what we were hoping to achieve.

33 Barefoot Lane is the name that now incorporates our farm and businesses together; one name, many endeavors.  And there REALLY is a lane; it’s the old cow lane that the cows used to walk down to get to the far pasture.  And it goes without saying that the kids also had to walk the lane, to bring the cows home for the evening milking. Often barefoot, through the mud, thistles, cow piles, and wire – you name it, they stepped on it.  While the cows have been gone for fifteen years, the lane and the memories remain.

And the 33……. when we counted all the Niemela’s (including in-laws) that have lived on this farm since Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sophie settled here in 1916, we came up with 31; then we added in a couple of cousins that lived here for the summers during their childhood – and that gave us 33.  Thirty three family members over four generations have called this farm home, and in their honor our farm will be known as 33 Barefoot Lane.

Tell us what you think of the logo designed by Sarah Shattuck of Four Seasons Design Company.

33 Barefoot Lane

July 14, 2009


Welcome to 33 Barefoot Lane, the new name of our farm, soap business, and this blog!  We have been working on restructuring our businesses, and many new changes are happening.  What will stay the same is the content of our blog – sharing posts about our family farm, gardening, recipes, and more.  Stay tuned!

In the new June/July issue of Country Woman, we share about our family’s enterprises; farming, flowers, and fragrant bath products.  We know the word is getting out, as we have been receiving calls from folks wanting to tour our cut flower gardens after reading about us.  You’ll see this photo (smaller though) in Country Woman!

Country woman picture

We are excited to share that Good Thymes Bath & Body is in the spotlight at OnlineLabels.com!  We use Online Labels as our source for the product labels that we print ourselves.  A large selection of label shapes, sizes, and finishes at a reasonable price has made us loyal customers, and we are thrilled to be in their spotlight!

Click here to see us in the spotlight.

Click here to view their entire newsletter.

grapefruit bergamot mood

Announcing the additions of a new milk bath and soap – in our refreshing, zesty Grapefruit Bergamot!  Our pampering milk baths and gentle, long lasting soaps are now available in a pure essential oil blend that will refresh your skin, your mood, and your day.   A touch of bergamot lends a fresh, earthy tone to the light and zesty grapefruit; a refreshing and stimulating combination.

Grapefruit Bergamot Nourishing Milk BathWhen nothing sounds as good as a warm, uninterrupted soak in the tub, our milk baths make the perfect companion. Natural, skin softening, and wonderfully scented, they are conveniently packaged in a no-mess, biodegradeable tea bag. While we know they can’t scrub your back, we guarantee they won’t take up any extra leg room!  A 2 ounce sachet for $4.50, or two for $8.50.

Tip:  Lightly rub skin with sachet while bathing for extra scent and softening.

Grapefruit Bergamot Natural Soap ~ Our natural glycerin soaps are gentle on skin, and work up a thick, rich lather for thorough cleansing. Offered in our exclusive, ambrosial scents, each bar is ready for gift giving (even if the recipient is you!).  A 4 ounce bar for $5.00, or two for $9.50.

Order by phone,call  320-286-5384.  Current flat shipping rate of $5.00!

Congress heard us!

February 10, 2009


In 9th grade I rated my Civics class as the most boring class of my high school life, and I couldn’t imagine that I would ever apply it to real life.  Little did I know how ignorant I was then, and how thankful I would be later that I have a voice that will be heard by my legislators.

The FDA Globalization Act of 2008, which was a discussion draft in Congress last year, has now become a bill in Congress – the FDA Globalization Act of 2009 – HR 759.  If the bill had passed as it was written in the draft form, it would have put us and thousands of other small cosmetic and natural bath and body companies out of business with its excessive registration fees and regulations.

A grass roots efforts to change this bill was started by Donna Maria Coles Johnson of Indie Beauty Network, then joined by other Indie business leaders such as Marie Gale of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, Kayla Fioravanti of Essential Wholesale, Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry, Jamila White of JBlossom, and Lela Barker of Bella Lucce.  These ladies visited Washington DC on behalf of Indie beauty businesses, and learned there that Congress had no idea that a micro cosmetics cottage industry even existed.  These leaders encouraged all Indie businesses to let their voices be heard by Congress, and to help in changing the draft to preserve our businesses.

OUR VOICES WERE HEARD!  The new bill will NOT require us to pay $2000 per year to register our businesses, and does not contain excessive regulations that would hinder our businesses.  It is a good feeling to know that all the voices have made a difference, and we can stay in business and continue to live our Indie Dream.

What small steps can make a difference?  Here is how we let our voice be heard:

1.  Contacted the offices of Senators Coleman and Klobuchar and Representative Bachmann, informing them of our position on the draft and asked for their support for small businesses

2.  Signed a petition that Donna Maria Coles Johnson took with her to Washington DC

3.  Wrote about the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 in our Newsletters to inform our readers

4.  Blogged about the issue to raise public awareness

5.  Our local newspaper featured an article, Proposed cosmetic regulations act concerns small beauty industry, about how our business, Good Thymes Bath & Body, could be affected by the FDA Globalization Act.  We were front page news!

A million thanks to Donna Maria, Kayla, Marie, Anne-Marie, Jamila, Lela, and all the other Indies, customers and consumers, for uniting together and lending your voice to the effort!

And thanks, Mr. Lund, for teaching 9th grade Civics!