Hobnobbing with a famous author

January 31, 2011

Isn’t it fun hanging out with a famous funny author?  Well, I sure thought so yesterday – while laughing myself silly listening to Lorna Landvik tell us about her life, her books and the characters we have come to know and love through her novels.  Recently, when our local library announced it was hosting an authors visit by Lorna Landvik, I could hardly believe I had the chance to meet a famous author of whose every book I have devoured and thoroughly enjoyed.

Oh was she a hoot!  Before she was a writer, she was a comedian, which came out full force as she told us her story, often delivered with a thick Scandinavian brogue that made us feel right at home.  And now that it’s the next day, I have a few questions for her that I could not think of for the life of me during her Question & Answer time interval yesterday, which could have earned me a piece of chocolate.  Yes – she throws chocolate candy at you if you ask her a question.  And I still couldn’t think.  A Chocolate Block.  Today I would love to ask her who are some of her favorite authors, and what if you have an idea for a book but the characters won’t come forth and introduce themselves like her characters do for her? That could have earned me TWO chocolates yesterday.

Lorna Landvik will be busy this week finishing a new book, which of course she couldn’t divulge any information about except that it is almost done.   And I will be busy doing tax work (of which I am months behind); guess who will be having the most fun?   Maybe I should throw myself a chocolate every time I have a question.

My favorite books by Lorna Landvik are ‘Welcome to the Great Mysterious’, and ‘Patty Jane’s House of Curl’.  What are your favorite Lorna Landvik novels? And what question would you ask Lorna so she could throw a piece of chocolate at you?

4 Responses to “Hobnobbing with a famous author”

  1. The only Lorna Landvik novel I’ve read is Patty Jane’s House of Curl, which I loved. How lucky that you met her!

  2. Beth Says:

    Hi Cheryl! Thanks for sharing this, I am not yet familiar with Lorna Landvik, but I love stumbling on new authors. Thanks for the tip!

  3. sandy Says:

    gee neighbor lady, I wish I knew you were going to see Lorna Landvik. When I saw she was coming I hurried up and read a couple of her books. but I didn’t want to go alone. anyway this was fun to find your blog. It’s my new thing reading blogs.I feel like an imposter. we should do coffee though. probably my turn hey?

  4. Jan Says:

    I have not read her books. I am asking myself, why haven’t I? I have heard of the author, but I guess I haven’t bumped into her books at the library. Now I will! Aren’t the libraries hosting some fabulous stuff these days? It’s the Legacy funding we voted on a couple of years back. I love that we are getting this stuff in our rural areas.

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