Mid summer bouquet

July 8, 2010

Mid summer brings a burst a colorful perennials and annuals:  purple liatris (gay feather), pink echinacea (coneflower), purple and white scabiosa (pincushion flower), solidago (goldenrod), pink clary sage, phlox, rudbeckia ‘Indian Summer’, blue delphinium, poppy seed pods, variegated grass, and hosta leaves.

5 Responses to “Mid summer bouquet”

  1. Oh, your bouquets are always gorgeous!

  2. teresa Says:

    I gotta ask – do you plant goldenrod in your garden or just pick from the road ditch? Is there a ‘garden’ variety? I pick lots of road ditch goldenrod to use as dye for yarn. I think it gets a bad rap – it’s rather pretty.

    • 33barefootlane Says:

      I do grow it in my garden, I think the variety is ‘Peter Pan’, but I can’t remember for absolute sure. I have been known to cut a few stems growing wild, too. Goldenrod has a bad rep because it happens to bloom at the same time as rag weed, so is mistaken as causing allergies while rag weed is the real culprit. That is so interesting that you use it for dying yarn – I learned something new today!

  3. Julie M. Says:

    I love this one. 🙂

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