Coffee – one of my favorite things

June 23, 2010

I love, love, LOVE coffee!  Oh, have I mentioned the fact that I love coffee? And I love the fact that recently coffee has moved from the ‘bad’ list to the ‘might be good for you’ list; I swear it makes each cup taste better.  While some cups are better than others, I have noticed that there are certain times when coffee tastes absolutely delectable –

1.  The first cup of coffee in the morning

2.  Coffee made from freshly ground organic coffee beans

3.  Having coffee with a friend

4.  Coffee in an adorable cup

5.  Strolling through my gardens with a fresh cup of coffee

How do you enjoy your coffee?

One Response to “Coffee – one of my favorite things”

  1. Lynda Says:

    Love that cup and saucer! Coffee first thing in the morning when I’m reading my email. I used to love coffee with ice cream in it for a treat – in fact that was how I learned to drink coffee since I never drank it until my mid-30s. It also has to have a bit of fat free half and half – just to change the color a tad. If I have coffee out – whether it’s Starbucks or a restaurant, it has to be in a mug or cup – no paper cups for me.

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