Inspired by ~ Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

May 6, 2010

Beth over at Kitchen 55 highly recommended the book, ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver. I took her advice, requested the book from my local library, and proceeded to devour the book while in a trance.  It is the delightful story of a family that vows to eat only the food they have grown themselves or that was grown locally, for an entire year.

This book enthralled me with adventure – I had never heard of morel mushroom hunting before, and never read with quite such passionate, savory detail about the flavorful cuisine one can discover while vacationing in Italy; I might have drooled on a few pages in that chapter.

And what a fun way to learn – I swear I learned something new on every page in this book; it introduced me to fingerling potatoes, and explained the birds and the bees of the mating rituals of hormonal turkeys.  And to see in dollars and cents the cost of their venture – .50 cents per meal per person, for organic food (including the cost of purchasing livestock and feed, and seeds)!

What I really, really loved about the book is that it INSPIRED me!

Half way through the book (maybe earlier), I began to feel this compelling need to expand our gardens to grow more of our own food; so now the tiller is putting in extra time while gobbling up yards of grass at the edge of the garden.

I put in a late order forLa Ratte’ fingerling potatoes, even though I had promised myself I was done ordering for this year. (And German Butterball, and Blue potatoes.)  Anyway, Seed Savers is happy.

I jumped at the chance to go morel mushroom hunting with a friend up North, and though the pickings were slim that day, it tickled me pink to be out in the forest foraging for a mushroom that I had never even heard of until I read this book a few weeks ago.  They were yummy with scrambled eggs.

And though I had vowed a few years ago that we were done with laying hens, I found myself relenting when our 12 year old son kept begging to get some chicks for layers.  With thoughts of Lily and her egg business (from the book), I insisted that he research the business before getting started, and then watched from the sidelines with secret satisfaction while he proceeded to get totally engrossed in the traits and characteristics of different breeds of layers.  (He reminded me of me.)  His choices were Silver Lace Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Gold Star, and Buff Orpington.  Sixteen hens in all, four more than what we agreed on.  How.does.that.happen?

It looks like I’ll have some new subjects to blog about; chickens and fingerling potatoes for sure.  If I can find the time.

6 Responses to “Inspired by ~ Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”

  1. Lexa Says:

    One of my all time favorite books. I re-read it every late Winter and find that it inspires me to try something else new. Can’t wait to see the chickens.

  2. Beth Says:

    I am so happy you read the book! It’s on my “all time favorites list” for SURE.

    It has definitely changed the way we eat and live for the better.

    What a beautiful review you wrote, reading what you said reminded me of some parts that I had forgotten about. Thanks for reminding me about the Italian vacation! How exciting that you got to go mushroom hunting!

  3. deborahelliott Says:

    Sounds like a great book! I better not read it, however, as I truly don’t have time to care for chickens or till up more of my yard.! Better not let my husband read it either! Seriously, I am looking forward to seeing how your new endeavors go. It is a life style we all would be blessed to emulate.

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  5. Lynda Says:

    I also loved the book too! And it got us to make our own cheese!

  6. Jan Says:

    Good choices of chickens- we’ve had all those and they are sturdy birds that lay well. I love watching them cluck around the yard. They make wonderful yard art besides laying good eggs too. I call them “my girls.”
    Yay, another chicken lover in the making!

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