Dandelion Tea

April 28, 2010

Spring on the farm brings an abundance of work, hope, and dandelions. I like to make dandelion tea when the dandelion leaves are young and full of nourishment, before they have reached blossom stage. Because we live on an organic farm and don’t use chemicals, I don’t have to worry about my dandelion tea being flavored with Weed-B-Gone or Round Up.

Making dandelion tea is easy-peasy.  Wash a handful of dandelion leaves, and chop into small pieces.  Use one tablespoon of fresh, chopped leaves to one mug of boiling water.  Steep and enjoy!  (Use only dandelions that are free from chemicals.)

Though dandelions might be viewed as a pesky weed to a lot of folks, I treasure each beautiful bouquet picked with care by the small hands of a grandchild, and handed to me with a grinning smile. Ah, the simple pleasures!

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