Inspiration for lunatic farmers

April 20, 2010

Yesterday we had the wonderful fortune to hear in person, farmer and author, Joel Salatin.  The author of many sustainable farming related books, Joel was on a lecture circuit promoting his newest, soon to be published book, ‘The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer’, along with the movie ‘Fresh’, a film that focuses on new thinking about what we’re eating.

His message to farmers was inspiring and simple –

We can heal the land with sustainable and organic farming practices

Be proud of who you are and your farming profession

Love and embrace what you are doing

We appreciated hearing his encouragement and success story; we left feeling younger and more excited about farming, and inspired to follow more of our dreams.  It confirmed our belief that we can make a difference, and are making a difference, one acre at a time.

We DO love what we are doing; it is the reason we have made sacrifices in our lives to stay here on the land.  We love being connected with nature through the soil and the seasons, and feeling blessed by heavenly sunshine or rain.

We love farming with organic practices that are enriching the soil; watching the worms and beneficial bugs increase in number, feeling the soil grow ‘softer’ each year, and witnessing green, healthy crops during summers of drought.

We love the opportunity to grow our own food, to preserve and harvest the food, and sharing the work and the bounty with extended family.  We love that our children are raised as ‘farm kids’, enjoying a simple lifestyle that embraces faith, family, hard work, country sunshine and wide open spaces.

Yes, we love being lunatic farmers, every single day!

6 Responses to “Inspiration for lunatic farmers”

  1. Is that your red barn? Folksy gorgeous! You have a wonderful lifestyle, and your children are fortunate.

  2. Julie Says:

    Oh, mom. The sign on the barn clearly says it all. You *are* lunatic farmers and have been since before you turned the land organic. Haha! Great post, I loved it.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Hi Cheryl!
    Sounds like an inspirational day! We saw the “Fresh” movie last year and bought a few DVD’s too. Joel Salatin has such a great view on being a farmer and what it is all about. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit his farm? We was that he was in town and thought it would be a great time.
    I was wondering….the other day I picked up a potted tomato plant and there were HOARDS of ants. We are talking tons, and they were carrying off their eggs and burying them underground. I have googled it, but as a master and experienced gardener, have you had any run-ins with this? Some say to leave them, and some say that nothing would grow within 2 feet of them.

    • 33barefootlane Says:

      Hi Carrie!
      I would LOVE to visit Joel Salatin’s farm!
      I have a corner in one of my perennial gardens that has an ants nest in it. I’ve tried digging it up a few times, but they have come back. They have killed off all of the vegetation around that spot, and I’m seriously thinking of trying to pour boiling water on it to see if that will kill them. In the book Trowel & Error, it says to pour boiling water three days in a row. It also suggests sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder around the area, or dry cornmeal.

  4. teresa Says:

    So very well said!

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