First signs and smells of Spring ~ I think

March 13, 2010

I believe Spring is finally on it’s way – I witnessed the first signs of Spring yesterday.  I heard thunder for the first time this year, and what music (or drums) to my ears!  And then I saw my first road kill – the first dead skunk on the side of the road.  That poor skunk has no idea of the joy he brought to my heart, and not because he was laying there deceased and it wasn’t me who had hit him, but because he must have come out of hibernation and that must mean SPRING (is coming)!

7 Responses to “First signs and smells of Spring ~ I think”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Hi! I found your blog on Blotanical and had to laugh at the skunk post…my husband loves the way skunks smell and so it is our fun harbinger of spring too! I look forward to reading more…

  2. Sheila Says:

    We’ve been “smelling” spring this week also!

  3. Lona Says:

    Ah, the fragrance of hyacinths and skunk in the air are sure signs of springs arrival. LOL! I heard thunder for the first time yesterday too and I was kind of at a ‘duh’ moment until I realized what it was 😉
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  4. Meghan Says:

    Well said!

  5. teresa Says:

    Eeeeww! I have seen at least 3 or 4 of those wonderful predictors of spring! P.U. They must still be moving pretty slowly – it seems they are not out-running the vehicles very often!

  6. Well, we had a live skunk in our yard the other day! My husband pointed him out, and all I could think was, I hope the dog doesn’t chase it! I am grateful for all the signs of spring. Our spring is blooming out all over – hooray!

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