Our ghost popped in to play tricks again

March 11, 2010

After an absence of six months, our ghost is back and playing tricks again.  I am beginning to think the ghost is a she, as almost all the pranks are directed at the girls.  And actually, I’m hoping it is a she, or else I think we might have a ghost with a perversion instead of a prankster.

More than a month ago, one of my daughters mentioned that her brand new bra was missing.  With three teen daughters at home, the task of laundry can be quite challenging and I have resorted to folding clothes into a community pile and letting the girls separate their own clothes.  I really have no idea what clothes are whose, I can hardly remember my kids and my flowers names!  So it would hardly be surprising for a bra to get misplaced, but strangely it was never found after searching all of the girls closets and drawers, and every other place we could think of.  Just gone, disappeared, never found.  Then another bra vanished, into thin air.  And another.  That’s when I started thinking that something really weird is going on, and wondered if the ghost was hanging around again.

Then, one evening about a week ago, I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed and suddenly there was the smell of really strong sulfur in my room, like a match had been lit, only stronger.  I asked each of the kids if anyone had been lighting matches anywhere in the house, though of course I KNEW that no one had been in my room lighting matches.  As we combed the house trying to pinpoint the source of the sulfur smell, we also smelled it strongly in one other bedroom and the laundry room, but all the other rooms were odorless.  We checked the furnace, the smoke detectors, and the carbon monoxide detector, just to make sure all were in working order, and then just sat there baffled.  But I had a real funny feeling…..

A few days later another daughter informed me that she also, was now missing a bra and couldn’t find it anywhere.  Just gone, disappeared, absolutely no where to be found.  Then, a few nights later, she went to shut her bedroom door which was partially open, and it wouldn’t move.  There was nothing obstructing the door, but regardless if she pushed or pulled, the door would not budge.  Then she pushed it really hard, and it slammed shut as easy as pie, at which point she ran and jumped into bed and pulled the covers over her head.  So that confirmed it, the ghost is back.

The disturbing thing about the bras disappearing is that it was the really cute and colorful (even polka-dotted) bras that vanished.  But it made shopping for replacements much easier; I made the girls choose boring, sensible bras in the hopes that they will be ignored and last for years.

So what is your opinion on the gender of our ghost?

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4 Responses to “Our ghost popped in to play tricks again”

  1. Tara Says:

    I’m thinking the ghost could be a she, because the bras are disappearing, and maybe the ghost thinks they are pretty and wants to keep them. Or, the ghost could be a he, because of the interest in female lingerie….you never know!

  2. Kyna Adams Says:

    The whole ‘match smell’ thing really made me sit up and pay attention lol. At one of the houses where I used to live, I would suddenly smell lit matches for no reason. It only happened in a certain part of the house…my cat would freak out. It was actually kind of scary when I was by myself lol.

  3. Sharyn Says:

    Okay – that’s weird. It would seem that even if they are being hidden by a ghost, they would have to be hidden somewhere in this world/in the house – right?


    And I’m not ready to contemplate if it’s a boy girl or a girl ghost. Sassy ghost, for sure.

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