Dough Lovers Unite!

February 16, 2010

I have lovingly passed on to my family a tradition that began with my mother – the practice of sampling home-made bakery in its unbaked state; otherwise known as eating dough.

I’m sure that most everyone has at some time sampled cookie dough; it wouldn’t be in ice cream and Dairy Queen Blizzards if it wasn’t so popular.  What I am talking about here is the fine art of snitching not just cookie dough, but bread dough, biscuit dough, and pie crust dough.  And batter, let’s not forget about batter; cake batter, brownie batter, and quick bread batter!  Lick the spoon, scrape the bowl, lick the beaters, and yes, lick your fingers!

As a connoisseur of dough, my taste buds have learned over the years to appreciate the distinct flavors and characteristics of different dough’s; the metallic zing of buttermilk biscuits, the yeasty wheat flavor of bread dough, the sweet and delectable savor of chocolate brownie batter, the fruity zest of rhubarb quick bread batter!  I have learned that if the dough looks right, feels right, smells right, and tastes right; chances are pretty good for the final baked outcome.

I have also learned that not everyone is as generous with their dough as my mother was; one of my own offspring has earned the title in our house of Cookie Dough Police, much to my dismay.  You would think that if I paid for the ingredients, I would be allowed one tiny snitch of her cookie dough; but no, not according to her understanding of baking etiquette.  Alas, we can only try to teach them right …………

I would love to know if anyone else learned the fine, culinary art of dough tasting in their mother’s kitchen, and what kind of dough did you snitch and savor?

Note:  Eating raw dough, especially dough made with eggs, are a health risk and not advisable.  Sample at your own risk.  Never give dough to infants and children.

4 Responses to “Dough Lovers Unite!”

  1. Mary Ackerman Says:

    Tasting raw dough is the reward for doing the mixing. I saved a batch of bread for my mother years ago, by tasting and telling her it needed salt. It seems that most sweet flavors are better before baked, and that’s what baking is all about. My sisters and I referred to ourselves at pot-lickers–doesn’t sound nice but tasted good.

  2. teresa Says:

    Per your warning – it’s a wonder I ever reached puberty!
    First there was my grandmother. AWESOME bread baker. Baked in a wood stove, which is amazing in its own rite! She would give me a big glob of dough and a lid from a Miracle Whip jar (they were metal then) and I would roll tiny buns to make my loaf! And, of course, I would eat some of the dough! YUM! She passed away nearly 30 years ago, but the memories are still so clear!
    Next was eating cake batter. My mom finally banned me from mixing cake mixes because the cakes always came out of the oven only 1/2 thick. Ooops, I needed to learn moderation!
    Now I make Amish Cinnamon Bread (also called Friendship Bread) for the farmer’s market and once the pans are filled, I treat myself to the bowl and scraper. Guess I never really grew up!
    What a great topic! Brings back good memories.

    • 33barefootlane Says:

      Teresa – well you and me both then, we haven’t grown up yet! My grandma used to grudgingly give us kids a hunk of bread dough, then say “Your guts are going to stick together!”

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