Mile Long Romantic Candlelit Walk

February 10, 2010

Sometimes, I get these great ideas….  Well, I always think they are great ideas, but my family might disagree and call them crazy ideas, I’m not sure why.  I don’t know where they come from, but they always hit me with a wham, and somehow it never crosses my mind that these great ideas might be, perhaps, a bit difficult to carry out.

I get different reactions from various family members when I blurt these famous lines of mine – “I had a great idea….!”  Or “Wouldn’t it be fun….!”.  A few deadbeats will roll their eyes and moan and groan, as if I had just sentenced them to hard labor on a chain gang, but thankfully a few creative and ambitious souls will perk right up and gleefully rub their hands in anticipation of my latest notion.

So …. I had another one a few weeks back.  I had this great idea of hosting a candlelit walk through our snow covered woods.  Make a few ice candles and invite a few friends to stroll down the candle lit path to enjoy the solitude and serenity of our winter wonderland.  I mentioned it to hubby and didn’t even get the eye roll, so I decided it was a go ahead and proceeded to make plans.  And like plenty of other great ideas I’ve had, this one began to grow a bit beyond the first illumination.  Well, kind of picked up a momentum of it’s own and snowballed, you could say.

You see, once the vision of the candlelit woods was firmly established in my mind, it didn’t take much more to also envision a candlelit walk out to the woods, never mind that it is a half mile walk stroll across the field to reach the woods.  I’ll admit I did have to stop and ponder the feasibility of ice candles stretching out for one and half miles around the field and through the woods; it seemed it could be, well, a bit difficult, maybe.  Then, viola!. Someone suggested Mason jars, and that got me to thinking about all the vases I have laying around …….  And just like that I knew we were in business – the “Mile and half long romantic candlelit walk around the farm” business.

I learned how to make ice candle luminaries, and got pretty accomplished at it by number 100.  I borrowed and begged canning jars from family and friends, and we visited the candle aisle of the local General Dollar Store a dozen times or so.  We packed and groomed the trail for walking and skiing with a snowmobile, then paced it out to figure out the spacing of the candles.  The trail was a complete loop around a thirty acre field, with a detour through the woods at the halfway point; well, to be exact it was 1200 paces out to the woods, 650 paces through the woods, and 1200 paces back to the starting point.  About one and half miles start to finish.

On Friday we set out 90 ice candle luminaries in the woods (ten broke while transporting), and on Saturday we set out 140 jars and vases that illuminated the trail around the field.  Our guests were set to arrive at dusk, and the weather was perfect, about 25 degrees, with not a breath of wind present.

And it was perfect, just perfect.

As I stood on Steep Hill, from where I could see lines of twinkling candles for a quarter mile or more in every direction, I could hardly believe how beautiful it was, and how blessed I am to live here.  And how fortunate I am to see my crazy ideas come to life.

10 Responses to “Mile Long Romantic Candlelit Walk”

  1. Lynda Says:

    Oh, this is wonderful! What lucky guests. And what a great idea!

  2. Sunny Says:

    what a magical walk, love it.

  3. Catalina Says:

    Ooooo that is so beautiful! What a great idea! It’s so perfect and a nice way to enjoy the Minnesota winter.

  4. This is incredible! How romantic!

  5. Mindijo Says:

    Beautiful. Your lucky guests! I don’t think your ideas have reached the level of crazy that our circus idea did. 😉

    • 33barefootlane Says:

      You’re right Mindi, I still can’t believe my kids talked me into putting on a circus! You did a marvelous gig on the “Comet, it makes your teeth turn green” song! We have pictures to prove it. Your mom and dad came over to do the walk, I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

  6. Teresa Says:

    That is awesome! I’ve done candlelight x-country ski trails, but not that long. How lovely! I hope it didn’t get buried in the snow this week!

    • 33barefootlane Says:

      Teresa – Yes, it’s buried, I’m glad the snow held off!

      Elizabeth and Sharyn – Glad you enjoyed hearing about the walk!

  7. elizabeth Says:

    Oh my gosh. *happy sigh* I absolutely love this.

  8. Sharyn Says:

    Big happy sigh. I love that!

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