Ordering seeds, plants, bulbs and more

January 11, 2010

I am often questioned as to where I purchase plants and seeds.  Here is a list of internet/mail order resources that I have used and been pleased with.   Also, remember to check your local nurseries – by supporting them your dollars help to keep the local economy stimulated, and if any problems arise, it is handier to get a replacement.

When mail ordering perennials, try to order potted plants versus bare root.  I have consistently had poor luck with bare root perennials, and hardly no problems with potted perennials.  Order or purchase flowering bulbs in the largest size available.  When purchasing shrubs or trees, purchase the largest size you can afford.  Trees and shrubs usually do fine as bare root stock, as long as you plant and water them immediately.  Some seed companies give better seed starting information than others, and that can make your seed growing more successful.


Cook’s Garden
John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Harris Seeds
Park Seed – excellent seed starting information on packets
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Seeds of Change
Select Seeds
Stokes Seeds
Territorial Seed Company
Thompson & Morgan – excellent seed starting information on packets
Veseys Seeds

Perennials, shrubs and trees

Bluestone Perennials
Busse Gardens Perennials
Contrary Mary’s Plants
Jung Seeds & Plants
Klehm’s Song Sparrow
Nature Hills Nursery
Roots & Rhizomes


Brent and Becky’s Bulbs
Scheepers Bulbs

Local Nurseries full of fun surprises

Cattail Corner, Howard Lake, MN
Thomsen’s Green House, St. Peter, MN

What favorite seed or plant companies have you had great luck with?

3 Responses to “Ordering seeds, plants, bulbs and more”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Thanks! We have used Johnny’s Seeds and Renee’s Garden Seeds along with a few others. Renee’s Garden is a long standing favorite, but doesn’t have a huge variety. Their germination rates are fantastic, and they are very helpful when you have questions.

  2. Julie M. Says:

    Very cool. I’ll pass this along. 🙂

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