When life gives you weeds, feed them to the pigs!

November 28, 2009

Farming organically has its challenges, and managing weeds is one of the greatest challenges.  While we have not found a way to eliminate the weed pressure in the fields, we have discovered a way to use them as a beneficial by-product on our farm.

During the Summer and Fall months we raise pasture fed hogs to sell; they have free roaming in a pasture that was seeded in a mix of rape seed, kale, and barley just for them.  In late Summer and early to mid Fall they are turned out into a section of  sweet corn and field corn, where they feast, feast, and feast – you have never seen such happy hogs!  About the time our field harvest is done, they have entirely rooted up their pasture and the corn field, and it would appear that their hog heaven days are almost over ……. but here is when and where the weeds come in.

During the process of combining and storing the crops from our fields, the crops are screened to remove weed seeds, and the weed seeds would normally be considered waste.  But we have found that our hogs consider foxtail (millet) and pig weed (amaranth) seed to be five-star dining, and knowing the seeds are packed with rich nutrients and minerals has us happily serving them by the buckets to our spoiled pigs!  I love it when nature gives a bonus along with a challenge.


All natural, free range, pasture raised pork for sale.  Pastured in a hog pasture mix of rape seed, kale, and barley; additional feed consisted of chemical free, non-GMO ingredients.  Hormone and antibiotic free.  Processing done by award-winning French Lake Butcher Shop.  Sold as a whole or half.  Call 320-286-5384 for more information.

One Response to “When life gives you weeds, feed them to the pigs!”

  1. Five star dining, huh? Everything seems to have a purpose!

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