Many hands make little work

August 25, 2009

Our sweet corn is ready, so over the past weekend we gathered family together to have a corn freezing day.  Four generations worked together to freeze 130 quarts of corn.  It really didn’t seem like that much work with all the helpful hands, and everyone that helped took home corn to put in their freezer.  I will think of this beautiful summer day every time we have corn this winter.

We set up outside

corn set up

We had corn pickers

corn pickers

and corn huskers

corn husker small

corn scrubbers

corn scrubbers

corn cutters

corn cutters

corn cob haulers

corn cob haulers

corn husk haulers

corn hush hauler

and corn eaters at the end of the day

corn eating

2 Responses to “Many hands make little work”

  1. Mindijo Says:

    🙂 I love the looks of that.

  2. Nice day for corn picking. Looks like everyone had fun.

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