Our nice ghost was naughty

August 20, 2009

I am a logical, concrete, conservative, no nonsense lady.  I love statistics, charts, evidence and proof, and it takes a lot to persuade me to believe something that I can’t see, prove, document, or confirm.  So why would I think we are often visited by a ghost?

Fifteen years ago we built a new house next to the 120 year old farmhouse we were living in.  For four years after moving into the new house, we slowly removed wings and additions of the old house, until only the original log structure was standing.  The Spring that we began tearing down the old log structure, weird and unexplainable things began happening in our new house.

Many times that Spring, the thermostat would get turned way up, to 80 degrees or so, and I would tell the kids to leave the thermostat alone. Each time it happened I accused the kids of turning up the heat,  until the day that I was home alone and I suddenly realized that it was again stifling hot in the house.  When I went to check the thermostat the cover was off and hanging backwards on the dial, and it was turned up to 80 degrees.  I stood there dumbfounded and suddenly knew that the kids were telling the truth when they said they didn’t do it.  I thought of all the weird and unexplainable things that had recently happened, and I knew we had a ghost.

How would you explain these happenings –

An alarm clock unplugged during the night and wrapped around the leg of a bed

A cookie jar falling off of a shelf that has a one inch ledge around it

A shower head turning itself on when the bath tub faucet was running

Missing items are found in the freezer

A door locks itself – no ordinary door here, this door locks with two eye hook locks, and both the hooks were locked tight

All the kids Easter baskets that were in storage are lined up in a row on the kitchen counter

These happenings (and more) took place while we were tearing down the old original log part of the farmhouse.  We named our ghost Neems, and were never scared or felt threatened by our visitor and his pranks.  Once the log structure was torn down, Neems quieted down and seemed to have moved on.

For a few years anyway, things were quiet.  But every few years a ghost will visit again, and unexplainable things happen for awhile.  A few years ago, one of the weirdest things happened.  Our washing machine started filling itself up, and my husband guessed that a switch was bad and needed some repair.  He shut off the water lines to the washing machine so it couldn’t draw any water, but the next day it was full again even though the water lines were still shut off.  Then the clothes were taken out of the dryer while damp and tossed on the floor all around the room; and that’s when we realized that Neems was visiting and didn’t bother to call a repair man about the washing machine (it’s worked fine ever since).

Over the years we have heard doors shutting, sounds of foot steps, and lots of unexplainable noises that caught our attention but never frightened us.  That is, until last week.  For the first time, our ghost has scared someone, and it was not a nice thing for our ghost to do.  We are all miffed that the ghost was so naughty, but we are also puzzled.  Neems has always engaged in  harmless pranks, and after all this time, why would he start acting naughty now?  Or could it be a different visitor?

The last few months our lights have been turning themselves on and doors have been locking themselves.  Normal ghostly stuff, and we guessed that Neems was back again.  but now I’m not so sure that it is Neems, because for the very first time the ghost made an audible noise – it growled at our grandson while he was playing legos alone in a bedroom.  Our son-in-law, Andrew, went to check the bedroom to assure our terrified grandson that no one else was there.  He experienced an eerie feeling while standing in the room, and came out covered with goose bumps.  Up until now we have never had any bad vibes or experiences, which made the ghostly visits kind of entertaining.  So what now?  Is it time to get serious about getting rid of the ghost?

What would you think if those unexplained things happened to you?  What would you do if your well behaved ghost turned nasty on you?

5 Responses to “Our nice ghost was naughty”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I used to feel the presence of the little boy ghost who lived at the Ranch. He caused problems when there were only guys living there, but after I married and moved in, I felt the little boy was happy with a “mother” in the house. Once my son was born, I never felt nor heard the ghost again.

  2. Leanne Says:

    Cheryl – I got this recommendation from a friend in case you were interested: http://www.echobodine.com/

  3. Mindijo Says:

    I love this. You know, I’m not sure that I believe in ghosts. I do know that I don’t not believe in them. Does that make any sense? Because stories like this are very convincing. I just haven’t ever experienced one. That I know of. I hope your ghost finds some peace and moves on.

  4. Leanne Says:

    Oh, facinating!

    I definitely believe in ghosts. Poor souls. That doesn’t sound like Neems. I can’t imagine that in the spirit world, “personalities” change like that. My guess is it’s someone else. Try to ask him/her to leave in the peace of God. That should work. Try talking to him or her. Let them know you realize they aren’t at peace, but aren’t in a position to help. They will likely move on…

    Keep us posted, Cheryl!

  5. stormanen Says:

    ohmygoodness. what a disappointment that the ghost has gotten naughty.

    Tormanen’s had a ghost – and it was a goosebump ghost. I wonder if Andrew ever felt that one, in their house on Buno Road. He never did anything bad tho – but was definitely not pleasant.

    And my husband’s great grandfather *was* a ghost. For that one – Robert went to the home and had a long chat with him – told him it was okay, that all his sins were forgiven, and that he could leave this world now. And he did. He was a friendly ghost – playing with the little boy who lived in the home.

    So I’m not sure what to do about a growling ghost who you don’t know. I guess I’d start with research – who lived in the old house – who could the ghost be – how did he/she die?

    It seems that sometimes they are just looking for closure. I don’t know much about them, really – I just enjoy stories – and I definitely believe in them.

    Keep us posted!

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