Ornamental Ruby Silk Grass

August 19, 2009

Ruby silk grass – Eragrostis tef

blooming ruby silk grass

This annual is great for containers or for cutting; the draping, wavy red plumes add interest and movement to bouquets and containers.  Also works well as a dried flower, staying colorful when dried.

Growing information:

Very east to start from seed indoors, available from johnnyseeds.com.

Height – 18 – 24 inches

Prefers full sun to mostly sunny

Long bloom time – mid summer and on

Cats love to play in this, my kittens have all but destroyed my plants!

2 Responses to “Ornamental Ruby Silk Grass”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Was this grass invasive at all?

    • 33barefootlane Says:


      As this grass is not a hardy perennial grass for Minnesota, it will die off in cold weather and not have a chance to grow out of bounds. My guess is that it will not reseed, but I will find out this Spring if that is so or not.

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