Saving money, one square at a time

June 2, 2009

You could be saving money with every flush if you were using Scott 1000 toilet tissue.  Twenty five years ago a frugal friend pointed out to me that Scott toilet tissue had 1000 squares on every roll, and ever since we have been saving money that otherwise would have gone down the drain.  1000 squares per roll means that Scott toilet tissue outlasts most competitors brands by up to five times!  And don’t forget to clip those coupons commonly found in magazines and Sunday ads to save $1 or $2 more on mega packs.

Mr. Whipple might love to squeeze his Charmin, but I’d rather squeeze the cash I’m saving with Scott 1000 tissue!

3 Responses to “Saving money, one square at a time”

  1. Mary Says:

    I agree with you about the Scotts. I have also been using it for years. It is the only TP that seems that you aren’t always changing the rolls. : – )

  2. Laura Jean Says:

    We grew up using Scotts and that’s what I’ve always bought as an adult. I have had *discussions* with people you absolutely cannot have anything less soft than Charmin, but Scotts ISN’T rough (unless I just have a tough bum), plus it doesn’t roll up on you, or send tp ‘dust’ flying when you pull it off the holder. Far better than any other brand. …how do you like my potty talk? 😀

  3. Harriett Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m always trying to budget my money.

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