Planting trees and planting memories

April 27, 2009

tree planting ethan

Saturday was Christmas tree planting day.  Everyone in our family, young and old, were invited to help plant the trees and make memories.

tree planting jenny and anna

A few years ago I had the idea of planting our own Christmas trees in a small field on the north end of our property.  The idea was to gather all our family together each Spring to plant fir trees, and then, a number of years down the road, to gather again each year around the Holidays to go out and cut our own Christmas trees (while sipping hot cider, of course).

tree planting bruce and dad

For three years now, we have planted our ‘someday Christmas trees’ together.  Saturday was a nice sunny day for planting, and Sunday we had a soft rain all day.  What a blessing!

tree planting kelley and lance

And look at the hard workers!

tree planting lance 1

tree planting lance 2

tree planting lance 3

tree planting lance 4

4 Responses to “Planting trees and planting memories”

  1. amy isaacson Says:

    Awesome memory maker! And time outdoors being productive is the BEST for all:)

  2. Jan Says:

    I like this idea! Coming together as a family to plant and then later celebrate the fruits of the earth. A reason for a family to work together on a project- those memories will be treasured, especially by the children.

  3. Mindijo Says:

    I love this tradition you are started! So many memories to come. Isn’t Lance just the cutest little thing?! But back to the subject, I love love love this tradition you are starting!! Awesome.

  4. Julie M Says:

    I love it! Those pictures of Lance at the end are adorable. Very nice!

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