Indie Beauty Blog Tag Party: Ten Reasons I Love Being an Indie

January 24, 2009

1.  I love being my own boss because I can boss me around, and then, I can ignore my boss if I feel like it.

2.  My boss understands when I need to take time off for family or personal reasons.

3.  Because I am an Indie, I have an endless supply of flowers in the summer, and bath treats in the winter.

4.  I can donate products for causes that will help others and hopefully make a small difference for someone.

5.  As an Indie, I am blessed to work with my daughters, and watch them use and grow their talents and gifts.

6.  I am living the American dream.

7.  I have earned a seat on every committee in every department within my businesses; sometimes I am the only seat on every committee in every department within my businesses.

8.  I am free to fulfill my endless need to research and develop, create and cultivate, grow and nurture.

9.  It is fascinating to connect with and learn of other Indies out there also pursuing their dreams.

10.  I am free to set my own goals, within my own timeline, and within my own budget; but with the knowledge that God is ultimately in control, and thank goodness that He is!

Kayla Fioravanti of Essential Wholesale tagged me.

Tag, now you’re it!  Why do you love being an Indie?

Kisse Girl

Holly Woods ‘N Vines

Blue Sage Naturals

Back Porch Soap

Shea Radiance

5 Responses to “Indie Beauty Blog Tag Party: Ten Reasons I Love Being an Indie”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I visited your blog, and the photography I saw was astounding! I would say you are past the ‘formative’ stage, it all looked wonderfully professional to me!


  2. Cheryl,
    Lovely post; I am happy to have found your blog. It’s refreshing to see life in the MN country. Best of luck with your business! I, too, am “indie” at heart, although I am in the formative stages.

  3. Luci Weston Says:

    Great list! I especially agree with #4…you never know how a kind gesture brightens up someone’s day.

  4. Mindijo Says:

    You lucky, lucky lady! To be doing what you love! Jealous about the endless supply of flowers, you know.

    And, your daughters are blessed to work with you, whether they realize it or not.

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