When men are sick

January 9, 2009

At 5 a.m. yesterday I found myself in town at Casey’s (gas station) buying 7 UP and Pepto Bismal for my hubby, who had been up all night with the flu.  Here was my conversation with the cashier, a gal I didn’t know, as I checked out.

Cashier in concerned voice:  “Oh boy, it looks like you have the flu at your house.”

My reply:  “Yes, I’m just glad I don’t have it, too.”

Cashier in very concerned voice:  “Oh dear, is it the babies?”  (Interesting remark now that my hair is almost all gray!)

My reply:  “No, actually it’s my husband.”

Cashier in very emphatic voice:  “BIGGER BABY!!!”

Cashier quickly says in very apologetic voice:  “Oh I didn’t mean that your husband is like that, it’s just that mine is the biggest baby when he’s sick.”

My reply:  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hee hee hee hee hee.”

I think I would agree with her, and I’d like to know if this is a universal observation?  Is your man a big baby when he’s sick?

6 Responses to “When men are sick”

  1. Janel Says:

    This is my first time blogging, since I am stuck here with a bum ankle and trying not to dwell on it too much. Boy, I am having some good laughs, I might get addicted. … I won’t comment on the ‘BIG BABY’ husband thing. ….I’m sure my man is not like that.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    My dearest son-in-law, please don’t take this to heart, as I am sure that you are one of the “No Baby” sick men out there. Perhaps if you ask your wife she will verify this for you.

  3. Andrew "No Baby" Manninen Says:

    This blog post is inappropriate!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Great advice! I hope my hubby doesn’t read this!

  5. Mindijo Says:

    Completely!! But I learned one lesson: don’t ever tell them that. Ever.

  6. Julie Says:

    Ha-ha! That is funny! Glad I didn’t have to get up at 5 am. Although I did get to miss most of a Christmas Eve party, driving around Dassel, then Litchfield, looking for someplace that was open and had Advil for my sick husband. Mind you, we had two non-expired bottles of Tylenol in the cupboard. But it wasn’t working miracles and I don’t know… the thought was that perhaps Advil would?!?

    I’d take a day with a puking baby any day. Well, provided it was nothing serious. They get so snuggly!

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