Homemade Christmas gifts bring extra joy

December 26, 2008

megans guess who game

Every year our children draw names amongst themselves for gift giving.  This year they added a twist for giving gifts; the gift had to be either hand-made by the giver, from a thrift store, or a service offered by the giver.  The reason they decided to do this, of course, is the state of the economy and their pocketbooks.  It has been so fun to watch them coming up with ideas for each other; I believe they were more excited and put much more thought into these gifts than the usual store bought gifts.

They came up with some really neat ideas; Scott made Julie some picture frames with wood taken from the old hayloft floor of the barn, Jenny made Shari soy candles, and Shari came up with an incredibly fun idea for Megan.  Shari purchased a Guess Who game from a thrift store, and made it into a personalized ‘Megan’s Guess Who?’ game.  She replaced each picture that came with the game with a picture of a friend or family member of Megan’s.  Megan was thrilled with her very own version of Guess Who?, and all the kids have had fun playing with it!  The kids took a vote after gift opening, and everyone agreed that the new rules for gift giving will apply from now on; they all enjoyed giving gifts from the heart!

Anyone could make their own personalized Guess Who? game using their own pictures; and by getting the game from a garage sale or thrift shop it will cost just pennies!

2 Responses to “Homemade Christmas gifts bring extra joy”

  1. Laura Says:

    Julie had told me about this- I absolutely love it! It’s hard to apply to ALL families, being that your family seems to be especially creative! 🙂

  2. Cheryl, WOW! The creative talent you have in your home is mind boggling. This is such a wonderful gift idea and anyone can do it. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone on your blog. I will never look at a board game in a thrift store in the same way again!


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