Spell Check Bloopers

December 13, 2008

A few years ago, I found out how important it was to check the spell checking feature.  Actually, it was my daughter, Shari, who discovered the blooper……….

We had approached a small gift store about carrying our natural lip balm, and had set up an appointment with them to show them our lip balm line.  Shari went to the meeting with samples of our lip balms and promotional material, including a price list I had just finished updating.  Everything went pretty smooth until Shari presented the price list; from that moment on she just couldn’t wait to get out of there!  You see, when I updated the price list I ran the spell check feature and let it automatically make corrections; so the price sheet that Shari gave to the buyer listed lip balm flavors that we had never heard of!  According to spell check, we carried Armadillo lip balm instead of Amaretto, and Piano Colada instead of Pina Colada lip balm!

Now, after a few years, Shari can laugh about it; but back then my spell check blooper made her almost die of embarrassment!  I always did think it was pretty funny!

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