Courthouse Blooper

November 14, 2008

This could only happen to a farmer………..

Yesterday I went to the county courthouse to file some papers.  They have a new security system set up as you come in the door, and I was required to set my purse into a basket before stepping through a metal detector.  After passing through the metal detector, I grabbed my purse back out of the basket, which was when I noticed a clump of mud in the basket.  I examined my purse, and sure enough, there was a big clump of mud on my purse.  I started to apologize to the fellow who checked me through, but he had already turned away and had started the inspection process with another person.

I went to drop off my papers, and then decided I should find a restroom to wipe the mud off my purse.  So I grab some paper towel and start scrubbing my purse, which is when I realize that the mud on my purse is NOT MUD !!!  It is some kind of farm animal _ _ _ _, and I have no idea what kind, or how it got there.  And if it’s not mud on my purse, it is NOT MUD back there in the basket!  I start laughing uncontrollably, and know I will look like a crazy woman if someone comes into the restroom.  Then I realize that I have to walk by the fellow and the basket again to leave the building, and I laugh until I cry.  Luckily, no one comes into the restroom to question my sanity.  As I am leaving the building, I am extremely relieved to see that a different person is at the security check point now, and he doesn’t even glance at me as I leave; he is too busy scrubbing out the basket………….

I think I will refer to  this caper as the Courthouse Pooper Blooper.

One Response to “Courthouse Blooper”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hee-hee! That is so funny!

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