Redecorate, Refresh, and Revive your home ~ visit the Little Red Hen Home Comforts Shop

October 13, 2008

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The Little Red Hen Home Comforts shop brings a twist to the saying, ‘Reduce, reuse, and recycle’; at the Little Red Hen it could be rephrased as, ‘Redecorate, refresh, and revive’.   Owners Kent and Brenda Rydberg have brought the occasional sale concept to Dassel, Minnesota, where their shop is open the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of each month.

Kent and Brenda, both professional painters, spend weeks before each sale repairing, repainting and refinishing used, and often very unique pieces of furniture.  Each month the store is stocked with wonderful and unique pieces of furniture, vintage collectibles, hand-crafted items, and both new and gently used home accessories.  About fifteen gals, who all happen to be ‘collectors, decorators and thrifters’, bring items for consignment and help the Rydbergs’ keep the inventory replenished and interesting.

Each month a theme is chosen, lending additional fun and intrigue to each sale.  For example, in June there was a bridal theme, showcasing vintage wedding dresses, and wedding punch along with wedding cake was served as a treat to customers.  In July a patriotic theme was present, and August was back to school, with a school room set up so charmingly nostalgic that it made you want to stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag in the corner.

After having attended occasional sales of this kind for years such as Second Hand Rose, Three Sisters, Barn Chix, and This ‘N That, in Buffalo, Minnesota, the Little Red Hen in Dassel has become my favorite.  It is evident that many hours are spent each month prior to a sale rearranging and decorating the entire shop, down to the smallest details.  The top-notch decorating expertise of the gals involved in this venture inspires customers to return each month for ideas, bargains, and of course, for socializing.  There is always free coffee, punch, and treats, door prizes, and even a baby corner where mothers can set sleeping infants in their car seats while they browse.

If you want to redecorate, refresh, and revive your home without breaking the bank, visit the Little Red Hen Home Comforts shop, or sign up for a decorating class held at the Little Red Hen.  ‘Decorating on a Dime’ is a fun and popular decorating class offered by consignee and gifted decorator, Deb Halonen.  Call D-C Community Education to sign up for this popular class at (320)286-4120.

Little Red Hen Home Comforts  ~  261 Atlantic Ave W, Dassel, MN  ~ 320-275-9725

October Sales ~ October 23, 24, 25   9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

November Sales ~
Holiday Open House – November 7 – 8       9 a.m – 6 p.m.
Regular Sales – November 20, 21, 22      9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

December Sales ~ December 11, 12, 13 (held earlier than usual)     9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Map to Little Red Hen:

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