Husker’s Red Penstemon ~ Beard Tongue

September 5, 2008

blooming huskers red pods

Husker’s Red Penstemon delivers three seasons of interest to my gardens.  In early summer I cut the purplish foliage to use as fillers in bouquets, then in mid summer I cut the blushing pink flowering bells.  In late summer the flowers have transformed into an interesting cluster of colorful seed pods, which are useful for an accent in flower arrangements.  Other penstemon varieties will also make interesting seed pods if not deadheaded, usually they form an interesting cluster of green pods.  Deadheading of Penstemon will encourage new growth and rebloom.  Penstemon will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

Growing information:

Hardy zones 3 – 9

Bloom time – mid summer

Height – 24″ tall, other varieties can vary from 12″ to 48″

Plant in well drained soil


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