Echinops ~ Globe Thistle

August 27, 2008

blooming globe thistle2

With its unusual shape, texture, and color, globe thistle adds much interest to both the garden and vase.  The foliage definitely resembles a thistle, so this plant might work better in a cottage garden rather than a formal garden.

Growing information:

Hardy zones 3 – 8

Height – 30″ to 48″

Bloom time – mid to late summer

Plant in average, well drained soil.  Drought tolerant.

Good for fresh cut flowers or dried.

3 Responses to “Echinops ~ Globe Thistle”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    This plant can be cleaned up in either fall or spring. I usually cut my perennials back in the spring, that way the stalks can catch more snow for insulation and moisture during the winter.

  2. Barbara Brown Says:

    Do you cut the Globe Thistle to the ground each fall or spring or just leave it?

  3. Gardening Zones…

    Thanks for creating this blog. I thought it was a very interesting read. It is so interesting reading other peoples personal take on a subject….

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