Red Hat ladies group visit our gardens

July 21, 2008

red hat ladies garden tour

On July 18th we hosted a Red Hat ladies group for a tour of our gardens and soap business. After touring the cut flower gardens, Loy Ann, Jenny, Penny, Marilyn and Char each made a bouquet to take home, and enjoyed ice tea and each others company while relaxing at the edge of the gardens. They also toured our soap business to see how a small company like ours makes everything fresh in small batches. The weather was lovely and so were the ladies!

2 Responses to “Red Hat ladies group visit our gardens”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    We sure enjoyed having you, thanks for coming out!


  2. Whizbang Hatters Says:

    This was the most relaxing,fun tour we have been on. Cheryl and her girls were great. They answered all our questions about their flowers and business. We would recommend this tour to all who are looking for a relaxing day. Thanks Good-Thymes, We Loved It!!!

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