Perennial Bachelor Button ~ Centaurea ‘Pulchra Major’

July 17, 2008

blooming pink bachelor button

This pink perennial bachelor button is an excellent focal flower for flower arrangements. The papery scales enclosing the pink flower tufts make this flower not only interesting to look at but also to touch. Harvest these just as the pink tufts are beginning to erupt from the top to get the longest vase life. The large textured leaves on the plant also lend interest to the garden border.

I have heard this plant can reseed to the point of being a nuisance, but because I cut all the blossoms to sell I have not experienced this myself. How has this plant behaved in your garden? It might be wise to deadhead this plant after blooming if you don’t want it reseeding.

Growing information:

Hardy zones 4 – 7

Bloom time – mid summer

Height – 24″ to 30″

Plant in full sun in any average, well drained soil

One Response to “Perennial Bachelor Button ~ Centaurea ‘Pulchra Major’”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Cheryl – I love the blog! Full of fun and interesting articles. I’m happy to see all of the new and exciting things you are doing … congrats to you!!

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