Aquilegia ~ Columbine ‘Nora Barlow’

June 16, 2008

blooming nora barlow

Columbine comes in many colors, sizes, and varieties. Growing different varieties at the same time and letting them self sow can result in interesting seedlings through cross pollination. For cutting purposes varieties such as McKana Hybrids or the Barlow series work well. Columbines are relatively easy to start from seed; in late Fall sprinkle seeds outside on soil in a protected, shady area. Mark the area as a reminder not to disturb the soil; seedlings will appear in early spring and can be transplanted when large enough.

Growing information:

Blooms mid spring to mid summer

Grows well in full sun to mostly shade

Height – dwarf – 14″ to tall – 32″

Hardy zones 3 – 9, depending on variety

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