Amazing Vase ~ my cut flower garden business

June 14, 2008

I’ve always been big into gardening. For many years while raising our large family I focused on a large vegetable garden from which I canned and froze vegetables; then slowly I began to add some perennials to the landscape around the house and found I enjoyed flower gardening immensely.

In 1999 our oldest daughter, Shari, was engaged to be married and the wedding date was set for August. I thought it would be fun and special to try to grow flowers for her wedding, and also anticipated that I would be saving money by “doing-it-yourself”. Well, I did grow a lot of the flowers for her wedding, and I also had some gardening friends donate their blooms to the cause. The florist bill was reasonabale – for just one bridal bouquet, all the rest of the flowers were home-grown and freshly cut.

I so thoroughly enjoyed the entire process from research to harvest that I started wondering if I could grow flowers to sell as a business. The following winter I took a Master Gardener course which gave me the confidence to expand on my idea of a cut flower business. I decided to call my flower business ‘Amazing Vase’. The next three years I spent my winters researching, planning, ordering plants and seeds, and starting plants from seed; each spring I was busy planting the flowers and slowly expanding my cutting gardens. From May until October I sell fresh cut flowers to local florists and customers that are planted with faith, tended with love, and gathered with care .

cutting in the morning

There really is no place I’d rather be than in my gardens; whether I’m planting, hoeing, weeding, or harvesting I find contentment and a fulfillment that embraces me within my gardens. It’s not just the beauty of flowers that gratify me; it’s the warm sun on my neck and shoulders, the song of the birds in the trees around me, the fragrance of the lilacs drifting by, the loose soil moving under my spade, and the metallic tingle of the ice cold well water in the tin cup I drink at the edge of my garden to quench my thirst. The work and the joy are endless …..

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