The bossy white robin

June 7, 2008

white robin

In the spring of 2007 we had a surprise visit one day by an albino robin. She flew around the yard for a few days, then decided to settle in for the summer. The robin was white almost all over, with just a few brown specks on her wings, and she had a very bossy and territorial personality. She spent the summer chasing away all the other birds in our yard, and it kept her very busy! With her white color and bold manners, she was easy to spot and often was the topic of conversation when we had visitors. She left in the fall with the other migrating birds and we felt fortunate to have been entertained by her all summer.

white robin med pic

Imagine our surprise when she returned again this spring with the other robins! This year she is snow white all over, but she is still one bossy robin! She seems to have another agenda this year besides chasing other birds; she has turned into a homemaker and is raising a family.

The kids spied where she was nesting and climbed a nearby tree to peek at her nest. The first time they peeked they could see one blue robin egg. A few weeks later they peeked again and saw three brown baby robins, which answered the question they had been asking me, “Mom, will the white robin have white baby robins?”

Just the other day we happened to be walking by her nest and could see a fledgling perched on the edge of the nest, ready to fly. We saw the youngster take flight and could see that robin junior had passed his flying lessons with flying colors! The very next day we saw Momma robin bustling about collecting building materials for a new nest! I guess she’s serious about this homemaking thing, though it appears that this time she’s not going to build her nest close by for all the Niemela’s to see.

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